If you do business across the globe, we can help!

Over the past decade The Kennickell Group’s century-old, award-winning printing and fulfillment company has been transformed into a global marketing enterprise. We serve clients with activities in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and both Americas from our Savannah, Georgia and international locations.

Kennickell’s global clients had issues putting the proper sales and marketing collateral in the hands of users around the world. Slow delivery and high domestic freight costs led many of these sales organizations to forgo the use of company created and approved materials and instead generate collateral themselves locally. This led to problems of brand protection and incorrect specifications.

To correct this problem, Kennickell created a one-of-a-kind, automated print on demand and fulfillment system that linked Kennickell with a print partner in every country around the globe. Each print partner has been fully vetted to ensure the delivery of quality materials quickly and accurately. Now, as an example, when a user in Western Europe or Asia orders collateral materials off an online storefront, that order is automatically directed to a print partner in that region. That Kennickell partner produces the materials quickly and delivers it with greatly reduced freight costs, making this an easy solution for sales channels. Materials can be customized to the end user, and made available as company supplied collateral or as a chargeable item to be paid for at order.

Kennickell’s creation of this network enables business clients to support their sales channels more efficiently virtually anywhere worldwide on a 24/7 basis. Kennickell has been able to achieve this new level of performance by fully embracing the industry’s most innovative technological advances of the 21st century. Earlier Kennickell had become the first ISO 9000 Certified print and distribution operation in North America. This pre-eminent international standard in the realm of management coupled with this international network has enabled Kennickell to greatly expand its global credibility and world-wide business relationships.

Online functionality through Advanced Programming

Kennickell’s team of computer programmers, with backgrounds in aerospace and defense, have been on the cutting edge of code writing for years. Kennickell has the ability to link with proprietary systems such as Salesforce.com, SAP and others, which is not common but is very necessary to ensure maximum performance. The company has developed its own software designed to interface, as opposed to off-the-shelf limited systems. Kennickell’s capabilities go beyond online storefronts and also include:

• Online and on-demand mailing list acquisition
• Proposal generation
• Scalable ad builders
• Multi-language support
• Dashboards
• Chain of custody approvals
• Order management and tracking

If you have a special need, Kennickell can develop a solution.
There is a reason that some of the most well-known companies in the world are turning to Kennickell for marketing collateral support.

Successful Customer Results is Our Commitment

Advancements in data-driven colored digital printing along with wide-format applications and the universal use of the internet have also opened the door of creative possibilities. Kennickell’s high-tech, high touch approach to market communications combines the power of data with state-of-the art printing and a variety of dimensional alternatives to visually augment marketing messages. New techniques grab the attention of audiences and engage them utilizing web-based interactive technology. These innovations allow clients to more accurately identify qualified leads, nurture current customers and ultimately generate increased revenue.

The Kennickell Group has proven itself time and again for its ability to help transition the goals of every client into successful results. Each new program that is undertaken begins with a strategy session to help gain a full understanding of the tasks needed to accomplish the customer’s specific objectives. And, by working together as a team with customers in this fashion, the final results of Kennickell Group projects nearly always improve the customer’s return on investment and maximize the project’s value.

“The Kennickell Group team did an excellent job developing our worldwide dealer portal, and it has become an invaluable asset to our company. They have saved us thousands of dollars in shipping costs and increased our speed to market exponentially.” - Michael B. Vice President of Marketing, Fortune 500 company
Whatever it takes...

Whether the information you are communicating is designed to influence individual recipients or other businesses and organizations, the Kennickell Group has a customized solution worth considering.

Our company’s disciplines include:

• Strategy Development
• Creative Services
• Database Management and Analytics
• Targeted Direct Mail
• Personal URLs
• Web 2.0 Design and Hosting
• Email Blasts
• Real-time Response Tracking and Reporting
• QR Codes & Tracking