Attention to the details

Kennickell’s fulfillment and mailing operations provide a wide variety of services, including:

Mailing –
• Inkjet addressing
• Stamping, metering or permit mailings with full accounting
• Folding, tabbing, gluing capabilities
• Direct mail list updating and acquisition
• Camera verified match inserting
• Drop shipping
• International mailing and shipping
• Mailing tips and strategy

Ask our direct mail specialists how we can help with your project. We have handled nearly every mail delivery circumstance.

Kitting – The Kennickell Group also has the capability to perform a variety of kitting services. We have experience creating multi-packs, promotion kits and other product kits. Our product kitting and assembly services allow our clients to reduce inventory by storing products and then finalizing kits just prior to delivery. Our advanced computer-driven fulfillment processing capabilities enable customers to manage inventory throughout the kitting cycle and provide quality checks throughout. We also have the labor-supply resources to manage activity peaks and last-minute requests in a cost efficient manner.