Take control of your brand

Many companies are making the move to online storefronts to take control of their brand and messaging with the ease, flexibility, and efficiency of our proprietary software system. With our automation technologies, marketing managers can deploy more aggressively to drive sales, service franchises, dealers and sales teams, manage marketing assets, and protect brand integrity from one web-based platform.

Kennickell’s custom storefronts offer simple integration with a user-friendly interface, while advanced technology supports your marketing needs by putting powerful tools at your fingertips. Now you can order what you need when you need it and have the ability to customize each piece with unique data and images.

Your channel partners now have the ability to login to one system from anywhere in the world and order corporate-approved materials to help sell your product. With The Kennickell Group, corporate marketers can execute global campaigns that maintain brand integrity, while also providing localized, flexible marketing tools to dispersed users.

• Integrate your online storefront with your company’s ERP or CRM system. Kennickell has extensive experience with linking to SAP, Oracle and Salesforce.com, just to name a few
• Seamlessly connect your branded storefront and web-based print-on-demand capabilities to all of Kennickell’s automated workflow systems
• Corporate-managed ordering and creative control
• Chain of custody approvals
• Online customization of marketing materials
• Digital asset management
• Local store marketing
• Scalable advertising builders
• Variable data management
• Inventory control, fulfillment and distribution tracking
• Real-time reporting
• Dedicated customer support team

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