Print-on-demand is a relatively new technology in the world of print which allows materials to be printed as needed, and usually ordered off of customized online storefronts. It is a process developed only after digital printing commenced in the mid-1990s. If you have ever had to throw away printed materials because the information was suddenly out-dated, you can well understand the value of this process.

Kennickell clients can now print just a few hundred or even one brochure or booklet at a time – just as many as they need, and only when they need, while not tying up funds in printed inventory.

Our customers can also customize each printed piece using variable data, where text, graphics and images can be instantly changed from one printed piece to the next without stopping or slowing down the process. We typically use variable data print on demand high speed processing for clients involved in direct marketing and customer relationship management.

Lastly, print on demand is great for internal documents such as business cards and stationery. You can greatly reduce the time needed by staff to place orders thus allowing them to focus on revenue generating activities. If you are not using a system like this you may be missing a great opportunity to add efficiency to your operation.