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The Kennickell Group is one of the few printing and distribution companies in America to offer a full Content Distribution Management System. Unlike other CDMS systems, our proprietary fulfillment program allows editing, modifying and publishing content as well as tracking inventory levels and activity 24/7 from a central online interface. It is one of the most sophisticated systems in the entire industry, and provides our customers the ability to see the inventory and usage of their publications in real time in the blink of an eye.

By relieving your company from the day-to-day responsibilities of managing your print inventory we enable you to re-allocate your resources to your core business, thereby freeing up valuable man-hours and costs that were associated with the management of this inventory. Moreover, Kennickell will help you identify historical trends to accurately forecast usage and provide additional cost savings.

Clients using our system have significantly improved their efficiency and reduced costs. Our direct mail and fulfillment center is more than 80,000 sq. ft. and is managed by a dedicated staff of professionals with years of experience. Kennickell’s fulfillment accuracy is rated among the best in the United States with orders being sent out on time and to the correct address 99.7% of the time.

“We’ve been working with Kennickell for the past three years and their level of accuracy and attention to detail is unsurpassed. Kennickell is the best fulfillment partner we have ever worked with.” David T. Director of Marketing, Manufacturing company
Collateral Fulfillment: Project Implementation

When The Kennickell Group is awarded a contract, the following are the implementation steps that need to be followed. The Kennickell Group has been involved in many implementations from both a change of vendor model as well as outsourcing this service from an in-house model. Our years of experience have taught us that certain steps must be followed in order to allow the implementation to move as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Your IT Department: it will be important for our programing and IT people to meet the IT staff at your company. These two teams will need to be working together very closely in order for timely implementation. We will submit a list of areas that need to be addressed and will need a list of team members from your organization who would be responsible. We can create this list.

Statement of work: it will be very important that we create a document that spells out exactly what will be delivered in terms of the entire program. Once this is agreed upon we set time lines and responsibilities that include members from the Kennickell Team and your Team. We have weekly meetings to discuss progress as well as more frequent contact as needed.

Art work/templates: One of the most common issues that affect final delivery of the system has historically been the delivery of final art for print on demand templates. We suggest that special attention be paid to this on the customer end to try to lessen this impact. As a rule, a number of people are usually involved in the approval process of final art. Unfortunately, at times, some of those people might not understand the portal development process and may need to be made aware of the importance of timeliness. Also, if you intend to provide marketing material in a number of languages, the translations need to be addressed as early as possible. Kennickell will provide clients with a database template to keep all files for the portal in one location. This is critical because without an accurate database for all of the files, implementation will come to a halt. The Kennickell Group Team can help keep this process on track.