LEADMatch: The tool that is going to take your business to the next level

You never knew exactly who visited your website… until now. 
Kennickell Direct Mail+ is bringing you LEADMatch, an advanced measurement solution system that gives you the ability to track and record the name, physical address, phone number, and email of those who visited your website with 99.99% accuracy. In addition, you can see what actions were taken, including what landing pages were visited and for what length of time. With this information you can retarget your hottest leads with direct mail, social media ads, and more. This can deliver a huge ROI!

Measuring Direct Mail Campaigns

Lots of businesses are still successfully running direct mail marketing campaigns. Many people wrongly assume that print mail campaigns are no longer effective, but this marketing method offers a lot of benefits! As a part of the benefits you get with Kennickell’s Direct Mail + package, LEADMatch will allow you to track exactly how many leads you were able to convert with which each direct mail campaign. Check out more information on Direct Mail +.

Building a Mailing List of Website Visitors

Say a potential customer is surfing your website to determine whether or not to use your services. They may not need your services right now, they may get busy with something else and not follow through with their purchase, or they may decide against you for some reason. Regardless of why they click out of your website, you want to be able to market to those people once they leave! LEADMatch is able to collect information about the people who visit your site, allowing you to build a mailing list of website visitors that may still be in need of your services. This information includes their names, addresses (for direct mail), and e-mail addresses (for e-blasts) so you can make sure you’re marketing to people who are interested in your product or service!


How LEADMatch Works

One pixel to measure all! Our pixel enables data collection and delivery of postal addresses when placed on a webpage. Website visitors are matched back to postal addresses utilizing the newest and most cutting edge technology. This is accomplished through IP addresses, device IDs, cookies and a 300+ point match based on online activity.
Wouldn’t you like to know who is spending time on your website? Track visitors using LEADMatch on your personal dashboard. There is no upfront cost to collect leads, only pay for the number of leads you choose to purchase.

Get Started Today!

You could be converting hundreds of leads with LEADMatch right now! Call us or fill out a contact form now to get started turning your website traffic into happy customers.