Every Material You can Print on, with photos

by The Kennickell Group
You asked, we answered. Here is a breakdown of every material you could print on.

Indoor Only

Foamcore 3/16” and 3/8” thick

Since this material isn’t water resistant, it should only be used indoors. It can be cut to any size your project requires. Usually installed using traditional poster-installation methods (3M, a poster wire, or you can have grommets added to the corners). Very durable and lightweight, easy to handle.

GatorFoam 3/16″ and ½” thick, various colors

Gator Board is a foam board but instead of foam board’s paper surface, Gator Board’s surface is comprised of a wood pulp mixed with a fiberglass plastic. This surface is very tough and puncture resistant. Even the 3/16in thickness is resistant to warping, but the 2 inch is extremely warp resistant.

Printable Material

Gator Foam printed to look like wood for a wedding decoration.

Korographics Type II Wallpaper, various textures

This is a go-to choice for indoor wall graphics, anything from custom patterned wallpaper to large-format murals. This paper is specially formatted to create crisp, vibrant graphic walls that will make your space pop.

Neenah Digiscape Wallcovering, various textures

This wallpaper option is manufactured using 30% post consumer waste content, and latex saturated cellulose fibers and is applied to walls using standard wallpaper paste. It is a durable option for short or long-term wall covering materials. This material comes with the added bonus of a greener carbon footprint.

PhotoTex Repositionable

Photo Tex™ is a peel & stick, multi-US patented, adhesive material made of 100% polyester fabric. It can be removed and reused multiple times without any alteration or damage to the surface, and does not shrink, curl, rip or wrinkle in any climate.

Photo Tex wall mural installed at Byrd Cookie Co.

RTape EZ Dry Erase Vinyl

A great option for menu boards, you can print staples on this material and have the rest of your menu be filled in as the menu changes. Also great for any surface you want to be able to customize as you go with dry-erase markers.

HP PVC-free wallpaper

This wallpaper produces colorful murals full of high-definition detail. It goes up and comes down easily with water, and it comes with an HP warranty. And with no distracting odor, long-lasting prints, and this FSC®- and GREENGUARD Children & Schools- certified alternative, it’s easy to differentiate your offering.


Styrene .020 up to .060 thick

This is an incredibly lightweight sheet of plastic. It can be molded as well, making it a good choice for more than just flat signage. It’s also relatively weather resistant.

Dibond/MaxMetal 3mm and 6mm thick, various colors

MAXMETAL is an aluminum composite material comprised of two, pre-painted .15mm aluminum panels bonded to a solid polyethylene core. It’s lighter in weight and more durable than both MDO and solid aluminum panels. This material packs a serious durability punch, with resistance to weather, cleaning, acid, extreme temperatures, oil, and more.

Printable Material

10ft Dibond panels installed in a high school.

Acrylic Clear and White, various thicknesses

We’re almost all familiar with acrylic (especially these days, when we see acrylic sneeze guards up around most point of sale kiosks). This impact-resistant material is good for indoor or outdoor uses, and can come in clear or white, and various thicknesses.

Sintra 3mm up to 12mm thick

Sintra is an affordable, durable, lightweight and moisture resistant board. Can be cut, routed, machined, heat-formed or bonded. It’s easily painted and can be used effectively with vinyl lettering and many adhesives. Great for screen printing, models, displays, exhibit booths, indoor and outdoor signs, and photo mounting. UV Resistant. Contains no leads or heavy metals.

Sintra signage for a high school gym.

Coroplast 4mm up to 10mm thick

Coroplast is tougher than corrugated fiberboard, lighter than extruded plastic sheet, and is waterproof and stain-resistant. Specially treated to allow only specifically formulated inks and adhesives to adhere.

13oz & 18 oz Banner Vinyl

This one is pretty self explanatory. We can print you a banner on vinyl, single or double sided, with two different weighted options. This material is mostly used for outdoor signage, as it can be put up and taken down easily, or left outside with little need to worry about weathering.

Strip Mesh banner vinyl

Mesh vinyl, like regular vinyl, is great for large-format and/or outdoor applications. It is slightly opaque, and commonly used for fence wraps or protective barriers. Easily stored and reused.

Retractable Vinyl – economical options or Ferrari Decolit matte

This is another vinyl option, specifically designed to be good for very large-format signage (think, the front of a stadium or museum). It is also, as the name suggests, retractable, meaning you can easily retract it out of sight even if it is too big to be conveniently taken down and stored.

TVF 7.3oz heavy poly fabric

This custom polyester fabric from Top Value Fabrics can be used for indoor or outdoor applications. It’s a durable choice for any type of large-format banner.

Alumigraphics GRIP for floor graphics

This material is uniquely created to stick to any ground surface. These floor graphics, along with specially formulated adhesive, combine to stand up to harsh weather conditions. When installed as directed, material can last for months outdoors! Another notable feature of AlumiGraphics® GRIP is the reflective quality on any area left unprinted. The reflected light is especially noticeable when placed under bright lights or when lights shine against decals in unlit areas. It’s also easy to cut with scissors or box cutters, so you can create interesting and unique shapes. The material is anti-slip when wet or dry. 

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl is typically used for “solid-surface projects”, meaning images or designs that you want to apply to a wall, glass, vehicle, or other solid surface. It can be permanent or removable. There are many, many different options for adhesive vinyls, but in general we use Orafol, 3M, Avery, and General Formulations materials depending on the best fit for each project.

Printed etched vinyl installed to add privacy to a glass window.

Small Scale/Miscellaneous Prints

Wrap It – Magic Wrapping Paper

Customizable wrapping paper! This material is water-resistant and durable, great for wrapping long-term fixtures within your space or for one-time use. Also a great idea to have around for events, giveaway prizes, or for anytime you might want to apply your logo or custom design to an item but don’t have time to get something new printed!

Fredrix Canvas

Classic canvas – used mostly for large art pieces. Great for indoor decoration or to display art you may have personally created! Comes in two different finishes, matte or gloss.

Photo Rag 100% cotton archival paper

If you’re looking for archival quality, here is your option. This is a heavy, textured paper that is ideal for printing fine art. According to artistservices.co, “Cotton paper is superior in both strength and durability to wood pulp-based paper, which may contain high concentrations of acids, and also absorbs ink or toner better. Papers manufactured of cotton fiber will last longer and hold up better under repeated handling and various environmental conditions than paper made from wood pulp.”

Semi-Gloss or Matte Poster Paper

Again, pretty self-explanatory. We’ve got you covered for any project, school or otherwise.

SUNSET Photo Gloss SUV

This first-of-its-kind Sunset photo paper gives new users the ability to print high-end photos, portraits, posters, and commercial displays. LexJet’s Sunset product line provides image quality and performance of the highest order, while providing a viable alternative for high-volume production printing. Prints dry instantly and are highly resistant to scratches. Adds a distinctive look to posters, fine photographs, portraits, and commercial display prints.

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