Advertising with Direct Mail: Why It's So Effective

by The Kennickell Group
According to Statista, roughly 293.6 billion emails were sent and received per day in 2019. With countless email inboxes being subject to way too many marketing emails to go through in one day, many businesses are opting to go the extra mile and pair email marketing with advertising via direct mail. For these businesses willing to experiment, multi-channel marketing campaigns that utilize both email marketing and direct mail advertising can be incredibly successful and surprisingly cost-effective compared to other, more traditional, advertising strategies. 

How does direct mail help you?

Getting your business’s name in front of a potential customer has a huge affect on that customer’s likelihood to choose your company when they need your services. Studies show that in almost 95% of purchasing decisions, brand awareness was a factor. Just having the mental image of your logo in someone’s mind before they search online for a specific product or service can make them more likely to consider your company over a competitor.

What does a decrease in overall mail mean for you?

Today, millions of Americans have setup their bills and billing statements to be delivered digitally. While this may on the surface appear to have little to do with your business’s marketing campaign, digital or otherwise, it can actually point to an opportunity. Fewer paper bills coming through the mail means an overall decline in the amount of mail that people receive. This makes it much easier for a prospective customer to find your business’s direct mail ad in their box nowadays because it will be amid a very slim mail delivery stack, and increases the chance that they will even give your piece of direct mail advertising a second glance.

Getting mail makes people feel important

People love to receive mail. Some of the most joyful mail recipients are young persons who have just established their independence, single people, and aged individuals. These people are less likely to get mail overall, and therefore more likely to be excited when they see an enticing and well-designed piece of direct-mail in their mailbox. With the right promotion and incentive, you can grab quite a few regulars advertising with direct mail. 

Direct mail can be personalized

Direct mail can also be much more personal than other types of advertisements. Other forms of advertisements like social media ads or billboards can give the impression to the viewer that they just happened upon the ad, rather than being directly targeted. To receive a piece of mail with their name on it, and potentially an offer that is specifically relevant to them (if direct mail is done right), can be much more persuasive.

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You can choose from a variety of methods if you would like to get started advertising with direct mail. At Kennickell, we can create attractive ads for you in the form of direct mail letters, door hangers, flyers, menus and more. Start increasing your business’s profits today with our unique Direct Mail+ program, which combines direct mail, online targeting, and tracking in a way that allows you the most control over what your potential customers see.


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