Every day there are entrepreneurs who start a business. An important element they need to consider is the visual elements of their company. Once a business determines its branding design, then creating noticeable signage is next. Signs are an essential element for business success. They will capture a potential customer’s attention and become an inanimate salesperson.

Marketing Strategy

When a creative sign contains the logo of a business, it will reinforce the company’s brand. Signs should be considered part of a company’s marketing strategy. They are very effective at promoting a business, drawing attention to it as well as conveying important information a business wants its potential customers to know. An exterior sign can be seen all day and every day of the year. It provides continuous and prominent exposure. Business signage is a popular method for getting the attention of thousands of possible customers. In many ways, it is more cost-effective than television, newspapers, and radio.

Types Of Signage

Many different types of business signage can be used outdoors as well as indoors. An interior sign can help advertise a promotion, assist customers with locating merchandise as well as encouraging impulse buying when next to any special displays. Signs can be building-mounted as well as ground-mounted. A company can choose from various sizes and shapes when it comes to signs. Professionals can help choose the correct dimension to focus on a message that a company wants to display within its desired available space.


There have been surveys designed to measure the importance of a company’s signage. The survey results revealed how important it is for a company to have the proper signage.

  • Over 74 percent said they had informed others about a company based on just seeing its signage.
  • Approximately 8 in 10 consumers stated they had entered a business for the first time because of its signage.
  • More than 37 percent of big companies with several locations stated effective branding as the biggest benefit of having effective signage. Smaller businesses felt proper signage to be a great way to make their company stand out among the competition and assisting customers in finding their location.
  • More than 67 percent of consumers feel the quality of a company’s signage reflects the quality of its services or products.
  • Over half of the survey respondents claimed poor signage has kept them from going into a place of business.
  • Approximately 59 percent of companies claim a change in their signage design or increasing the visibility of existing signage had a significant positive influence. Their number of transactions as well as sales and profits increased. The average increase was estimated to be around 10 percent.
  • Around 66 percent of consumers stated they had bought a service or product because a company’s sign had caught their attention.
  • Almost 59 percent of consumers stated the lack of a sign is what kept them from going into a business or store.

The Kennickell Group Can Handle Your Signage Needs

The Kennickell Group can utilize the latest advancements in technology to create business signage for companies that will drive sales. It is possible for their customers to get what they need. Signage can be customized with the unique images and data they request. If the signage for a business needs must be serious, silly or just state facts, the Kennickell Group has what it takes to meet any company’s signage needs.