You’re ready to launch a print campaign and you want it done fast, easy and completed the right way. It’s tempting to start searching the web or Google Images in hopes of finding the perfect images for your campaign; however, there is one small issue: the possibility of copyright infringement. With this in mind, one question lingers: is this the best approach?

While web marketing still dominates most categories, print marketing refuses to phase out fully from relevancy. A proper print marketing campaign can reach a different audience you couldn’t access on the web.

As numerous individuals look toward the internet for access to millions of seemingly free images, a few significant issues exist.

Why may the use of web images be the wrong choice for a print campaign? 

Potential Copyright Issues

The first fear when you use a web image is that you’re infringing on someone’s personal copyright of that image. If someone attempts to bypass copyright claims, a possible lawsuit may be the result of this idea. 

When doing digital printing, avoid licensed images at all costs. It is much safer to avoid licensed images than to run the risk of any lawsuit stemming from improper or negligent use. Numerous sites exist that carry free images for open use on the web like Unsplash, Shutterstock, or Freepik. 

The Quality of Your Prints Matter

Most web images are not up to the quality print standards one expects. Images are uploaded in lower-resolution formats because that’s all that is needed for web pages.

As an example, download an image from Google Images to send to your at-home printer. Magnify it up to 2,400 x 3,000 pixels (or thereabouts) at 300 PPI on your computer before you print it out.

After you hit print, go see how low definition it looks. The quality drops significantly, leaving the image often useless.

Professionalism is Key

 Today’s consumers are more sophisticated than ever. If they see a brochure or mailer that lacks crystal-clear images they’ll instantly view your company as unprofessional.

In today’s market, professional digital printing matters. It’s imperative to keep up with the fluidity of digital imaging. Without proper images, your buying audience may cut themselves out before your product or service can capture the attention of the individual. 

Use Resources Available to You for Free

Using high-resolution royalty-free images in your digital printing job is ridiculously inexpensive and easy. As mentioned before, websites like Shutterstock or Unsplash allow you to browse over 300 million high-resolution royalty-free images and download them for a few bucks or sometimes even for free.

Low-res web images waste valuable time and effort. Skip the process and use only the top images with the correct permissions. 

Do you still have Questions? We’ve Got Your Answers

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