In a business era dominated by digital marketing, print advertising fell out of favor for most businesses. With most exchanges happening online, few personal touches are left in the business world; however, the impact of a business card is unfathomable. This small paper gives plenty of valuable information in a quick and concise format that can easily sway a client’s opinion and memory of your interaction.

Impressions are Key

A business card can make a massive statement about an individual or an entire business in a matter of seconds. The key is simple; to be successful with a card, the card must be attractive and provide the correct amount of relevant information. Normally, both the company’s name as well as the representative’s name is present on the card, but the information can vary depending on what field the representative operates within. For example, a photographer might have vastly different information present on a card than a HVAC technician. 

These cards can capture the eye and memory of anyone who sees your design, or, in some cases, recipients may simply forget about the card, find it in their wallet or car, and then remember the interaction. Business can come in many forms thanks to print marketing business cards.

Low Cost

Due to the card’s small 3.5”x2” size, business cards can easily be mass-produced for a low cost. Most printing companies, like The Kennickell Group, can offer packages of 50, 500, or 1000 cards for incredibly low prices, which allows for even the smallest of businesses to buy in bulk. As expected, the prices can vary based on quality, quantity, or the need for custom graphic design. 

Mobile and Portable

These small cards can fit in any suitcase, briefcase, pocket, or purse and can be pulled out within a matter of seconds. Even when you’re off-duty, you can easily market your business within seconds, just by keeping a stack of cards in your nearby area.

If part of your employment involves attending trade shows or business trips, these small tools can amplify your business’s possible impact on those you interact with. You quickly become identifiable, memorable, and associated with the business you represent. 

Why Choose The Kennickell Group?

Choosing your printing partner can greatly impact the quality of your business cards. Your business card can leave a massive impact, far beyond your initial beliefs. While not all cards are created equal, not all printing companies are either. With Kennickell, we assure quality printing to fit your every need, no matter where you are in the world. We specialize in top-notch quality your company deserves. For more information, please contact us using the link below.