How does your mailbox look when you open it every afternoon? Is it full of bills, postcards, and print advertising? If you opened every piece of mail in your inbox, you’re in the 56% of consumers who open everything they receive in the mail. Some of this mail is known as direct mail and features advertisements, coupons, and other information about a business. Often, businesses choose to combine the ease of print marketing via direct mail and digital marketing’s instant publication to create snappy marketing plans; however, print marketings seems to fall out of favor as social media advances.  Despite print marketing’s mixed opinions versus its digital counterparts, we assure print marketing still reigns supreme over digital. In this article, we’ll break down why print marketing reigns supreme.

High Visibility Casts a Wider Net

The cost-effectiveness of direct mail far outweighs its digital rival. Imagine you’re an HVAC company trying to boost your marketing. Your area is filled with other businesses that crowd the top of Google’s highest rankings. Your business must pay a large sum to climb those rankings. In this case, Direct Mail’s strength shines. A significant amount of money is needed for a high spot on Google compared to direct mail. Instead of choosing this route, printing a mass advertisement in a direct mail campaign is an incredible deal. Your business will reach an audience you never considered before. Stand out from your competition and place a direct mail campaign that makes your unique business rise above the cluttered internet advertisement grounds.

Tangible Mail is More Memorable

How many homes do you see with a large stack of magazines piled up or a large stack of coupons in the corner? Tangible mail lasts longer than digital advertisements and this is a significant reason for direct mail’s longevity. Every time someone picks up that coffee table magazine or stray piece of mail, someone new sees your advertisement. Print marketing lasts significantly longer and is physical. 

To keep a digital advertisement readily seen on Facebook or Google, companies must shell out large sums of market funding. These advertisements expire quickly and are replaced with another advertisement from a competitor as soon as the first ad expires. Companies continue to fight for that spot and, as a result, those prices continue to rise. Instead, elect to use to use a print marketing campaign that bypasses the overly competitive digital marketplace. Instead of falling victim to cluttered email inboxes, direct mail arrives into your home’s mailbox with little competition for attention.

Create Credibility 

Consider the bounds a company must take to have an advertisement approved by a magazine. These magazines often analyze, research, and accept advertisements based on their target audience and the advertising company’s integrity. The advertisement is cast into a wide net of viewers that can potentially become customers for your business. 

The Kennickell Group Difference

The Kennickell Group can guide your business in creating direct mail that can enchant your target audience. Your business can gather information and react based on your findings with Kennickell’s Direct Mail+ system. We’ll show you firsthand exactly why print marketing reigns supreme. For more information on how Direct Mal+ can transform your business, please follow the link here. Thank you for choosing Kennickell for all your printing needs.