Although they can easily be forgotten, your business’s outdoor signage can attract or repel potential customers. Think of it this way: when you’re walking around a downtown shopping area, how many times have you stopped at the cute shop on the corner just from how it looked on the outside? The importance of outdoor signage reaches far beyond your immediate surroundings.  Signs create your brand image and brand familiarity. In this article, we’ll highlight just a few different aspects of how important outdoor signage is for your business.

Pinpoint Location 

Imagine a time you were a tourist in a large city. You were walking through a hip downtown area full of stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. You stopped at one particular shop that you still remember to this day. What attracted you to that spot? According to this study, 50% of you would walk into this example shop based on the premise of their outdoor sign. It’s a simple concept: the importance of outdoor signage is to reach to any passerby. Each individual can see the sign, understand what you sell, and become a potential customer. Your location will attract particular buyer personas and keep individuals reminded of where you are.


Size Matters

When you’re driving down the interstate, you see a variety of signs on the side of the road. Most of these are from larger brands who can afford the sky-high prices of these massive ads; however, small businesses can still compete with great designing tactics. Opt for small signs that pack a big punch. In some cities, signs are regulated on how large it can be. For example, Hilton Head’s sign ordinance requires advertisers to follow certain guidelines. You can find out more about size here. Instead of thinking bigger, think more directly and find a perfect balance between the message, size, and design.

What Does Your Sign Say About You?

Outdoor signage looks can vary on what message you want to convey. For a hip coffee joint and a truck stop, you’ll have two completely different signs to accommodate who you want to attract. A hardware store and a grocery store will perform the same way. Knowing who your audience is and why they want to shop with you can dramatically change the importance of your outdoor signage. It’s up to you how you’d like to display that. 

The Kennickell Group Difference

The Kennickell Group can guide your business in creating attractive signs that can enchant your target audience. Your business can attract new customers with the help of expert design. For more information on how an incredible outdoor sign can transform your business, please follow the link here. Thank you for choosing Kennickell for all your printing needs.