In the digital internet age, it’s easy to overlook printed media when creating a marketing strategy. The internet offers obvious perks in speed and cost-effectiveness, but many top brands are still getting great results with printed ads. In this article, we’ll explain why print marketing still matters. 

Tangible Objects Have a High Impact

People are more accustomed to seeing the world through a 6-inch smartphone screen than a tangible object held in their hands. With the rise in digital advertising, printed mail pieces have become an increasingly rare sight.

Printed Media Captures More Attention

According to a recent Forbes article, people seem to pay more attention to text printed on paper. People are in the habit of scanning web pages quickly as they surf through many sites online. When encountering longer articles or messages, people are more likely to read all of it when reading newspaper or magazine ads than if they came across them on a website.

Printed ads leave a longer-lasting impression on your memory. They tend to remain in the office or home environment, and they’re more likely to be read again than emails that tend to be deleted or web pages that are glanced at and forgotten. If you encounter the same printed ad in a periodical at home several times, you’re more likely to remember it than one that is displayed on a web page. People have learned to filter out ad banners on web pages to the point where they don’t even perceive them.

Better Return on Investment

Although email marketing is a cheap, fast way to reach a big audience, print marketing has some advantages in ROI. Direct-mail marketing with physical mail pieces has been shown to have a 37% higher response rate than email. Consumers also trust printed ads more than digital ones, and they’re more likely to make a purchase as a result of reading printed advertising.

Don’t assume that your marketing campaign should be solely focused on the internet. Top brands are still utilizing print marketing to target specific customers and increase their advertising ROI. Consider the many benefits of using direct mail, magazine ads, and other types of printed media for your marketing campaigns in 2020 and beyond.

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Why Print Marketing Still Matters