Whether you’re looking to attract new customers or maintain your current customer base, print marketing is a critical piece of any marketing or branding your business. When you’re looking to create an impact, consider these print marketing items to increase your sales via print marketing in Savannah GA. 

Business cards

There are few replacements for a sleek business card. Any time a representative of your business is in a position to network, having a business card on hand can be beneficial in many ways. A business card can have a range of information on it that can point potential customers to your business. This can include someone’s name, position, email address, and a website link. In some cases, placing a QR code that takes users to a specific page on your website can help you sell a specific product or service.  


Print Marketing in Savannah GABranded letterhead and envelopes take your professionalism to the next level. Whether it’s an invoice, proposal, or a simple letter, having all of your business correspondence done on official letterhead will create a lasting impression. This small change can enhance your brand’s overall image when dealing with clients.


If you’re passing out collateral materials, having a branded folder is a great way to package your items. Having all of your company’s relevant information in a single package makes it easier for you and the customer to keep everything in one place. This can be especially helpful during trade shows, conventions, and other networking events. Potential customers or clients can see your business logo and potentially become familiar enough with it for your staff to secure a sale. 


Brochures offer a visually appealing display of your work. If pictures are worth a thousand words, a brochure is surely worth having on hand. These comprehensive hand-outs are perfect to give out at expos or even in your own lobby for customers to review from the comfort of their home. Brochures can provide a range of information that will help your business persuade someone to purchase goods or services from you. 

Print Marketing in Savannah GA


Datasheets provide product information in a visually appealing way as a quick reference guide for customers. Having printed data sheets prepared offers customers all the information they need in an easily digestible format they can take with them and refer back to when needed.

Thank You Cards

Hand-written thank you notes go a lot further in the digital age. Keeping your thank you cards on brand is a great way to stay top of mind and encourage repeat business. Thank you cards promote a unique thankfulness for someone’s effort and consideration, especially following a significant act of service or long meeting. 

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps come with an upfront cost, but the payoff is uncapped. A moving advertisement ensures that potential customers are exposed to your brand all over town or anywhere you travel. Time spent running errands or sitting in traffic is suddenly a benefit to your company as exposure and sales skyrocket.

Print Marketing in SavannahThere are plenty of print marketing items to increase your sales, so when building out your marketing plan, be sure to include a variety of branded print pieces. The more pieces in your repertoire with a consistent brand message and style, the bigger the increase you will see in brand recognition and sales.

Print Marketing in Savannah GA

The Kennickell Group is a local leader in innovative print marketing in Savannah GA. Our team of experienced printers and designers will ensure your business gets the highest quality product. Our incredible staff understands how print marketing in Savannah GA differs from other areas and will help you a solution that best fits your needs. To learn more about the print materials we can create, contact us today.