Anyone can create a basic mail campaign, but learning how to create a powerful mail campaign will bring better results. With billions of emails sent every day, it is evident that the number of audiences yearning for attention is always on the rise. For this reason, it’s worth taking a more traditional approach and use physical mail marketing as an often overlooked counterpart to standard email marketing. Understanding how to create a powerful mail campaign is vital in creating a successful mailer that gets the job done. 

From this guide, you will get the tips required to run a compelling mail campaign to enable you to get additional attention, leads, and engagement. Contrary to what you may believe, utilizing physical mail to market your business is much simpler than you may believe. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a powerful mail campaign for your business. 

Set Your Goals

Having and knowing your goal allows you to craft the rest of the campaign. In simple terms, allow your goal to be the guiding factor in who you send the mail to, what you inform them about, the action that you need them to undertake, and how you assess the success of the campaign.

These all may seem like small tasks, but it’s incredibly important to understand what you want to achieve with your mailer. A campaign takes ample planning and a strong understanding of what metric you’d like to boost. 

Allow People to Recognize You

As a rule, it would be wise to send the mail campaigns with full and appropriate branding. This means going through each of your brand’s styles and implementing them onto the mailer. Logos, fonts, and a copy must all be on par with your typical style so that you’re consistent across the board.

If you’re a newer business, this is a perfect opportunity to establish a great relationship with your new customers. Offers such as coupons, deals, and small discounts can help bring people to your storefront. Once they’re in, trust your staff to make the right decisions and make them returning customers. 

Use Attractive Art and Images

Your business most likely has a range of photos of products, events, staff, etc. Personalizing your business by featuring staff or your storefront can become an avenue to attract customers. If they enjoy what they see, they’re more likely to read further into your business and eventually pay you a visit. Use your resources around you to help decide what image best suits your to create a powerful mail campaign

Know Your Audience

As a part of the planning process, you must understand what audience you’re trying to attract to get the most leads out of your mailer. This means analyzing who lives in the area, their ages, and a range of other factors. If you’re a new and hip bar looking to attract a younger audience, you’d maybe target a college area apartment complex. If you’re opening a new fine dining restaurant in a more expensive part of town, you’d potentially choose to mail to areas that are home to the area’s most wealthy. These examples can range, but the general idea relies on knowing who you want to attract. 

Using a Call to Action

Sending the most beautiful mailer to your potential clients is lovely, but it will not profit you in any case if you fail to prompt your readers to do something. Practically, each mailer you send to your readers must contain a fantastic call to action (CTA), be it a QR code, redeemable slip, number to call, or website to visit. A CTA usually addresses some sort of pain point in most cases, but can potentially look differently depending on your message. A few examples of solid CTAs can be seen here. An interesting CTA is a key to understanding how to create a powerful mail campaign. 

Send and Track

Finally, you’ll be able to send out your mailer to the general public. With the main part of the work done, the only item left to do is track your mail. 

Many direct mail service providers have a tracking dashboard or mechanism that allows you to track how exactly your campaign is doing. From this dashboard, you’ll see when exactly your campaign expects to deliver to each home, what percent failed to deliver, phone calls received from the mailing, and the number of prospects that visited your website. 

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